FOR SUCCESS
Training is based on the desire to improve. Asking for being trained is not a reflection that you lack anything but indicates a strong passion to become better. There is no age, position or gender to start training. 
                                               Do you have the required skills? -      Look at some Training For Skills 
                                                         Do you have the right mind set?-       Look at some Training For Attitude
                                                         Do you have the correct approach? - Look at some Training for Performance
                                                         Do you know your own strengths? -  Look at some Training for Personality Development

Training holds the key to improve the efficiency of any operation or performance. It is an ongoing process and needs to be specific to a requirement, situation or person/group.
What happens during training is that repetitive communication of a specific process creates a neuro-pathway in the brain. This pathway then becomes an instinctive reaction when the situation arises.
A classic example is a cricket player practicing a shot on the pitch, in the initial stages he will assess the speed of the ball, the angle of the rise, the type of delivery etc. etc. he does this so often that the brain creates a neuro-pathway so that when he is actually playing on the field his action is spontaneous and instinctive instead to trying to understand the delivery.
In the same manner we need to train ourselves in all aspects of our performance. At Flair we have developed our training modules based on our field experience; these programs have been further improved upon by the feedback received from participants. We can tailor a specific program to meet your requirement.
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